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Forklift Training

Getting your forklift licence to work in the UK is the better way to improve your chances of getting hired. It also ensures that you underwent forklift training making you competent to drive forklift safely.

When you have a forklift licence ready in your wallet you can easily present that to your potential employer. It is your ticket for a long-term rewarding and fulfilling career. Having a driving expertise makes you more secure in your career.

This course is available to individuals aged 17 and over with or without a fully valid driving licence. All theoretical materials including requirements of the chosen type of vehicle (Counterbalance or Reach) will be provided before practical sessions. The difference between both vehicle; Counterbalance is used for loading, unloading for example in warehouses and Reach Forklift are used for narrow areas/ aisles of a warehouse.

Theory sessions will be taught in our fully equipped classrooms. Practical sessions will commence with a briefing of the relevant truck and further encompass varies information and technique. Health & Safety training will be carried out to learn essential knowledge for safe working in a workplace such as warehouse or factory. All UDLC instructors are chosen for their personal qualities as well as driving and instructional experience and professional qualifications. Learners that are seen to be proficient will successfully be able to take part of a small examination to receive their accredited and recognized qualification.