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Refresher Course

Refresher courses are offered to individuals that wish to re-gain their confidence and knowledge behind the wheel. Individuals that need this type of training can vary from nervous drivers, drivers returning to the UK, individuals that have experienced accidents in the previous years and individual who experience many other barriers. Based from individual assessment of drivers, refresher courses will be designed for each person. Our instructors will re-cap driving principles, and mould individuals into a safe and confident driver. Individuals will be in safe guidance when facing and overcoming their requested problems or situation. Instructors will offer effective advice and build a calm atmosphere.

By developing this knowledge, it is proven to save on motoring cost. Drivers will adapt an efficient driving style. We value post-test training highly as it is seen to be a benefit which ensures that qualified drivers take this chance to extend their development. Training will be tailored to your specific needs.

If you have any queries relating to this course, please contact our advisers.