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Category C+E- Class 1

Our comprehensive course will provide a hassle-free pathway to gain your Category C+E- Class 1 Licence as you will be in the hands of instructors with many years of experience and are equipped with extra knowledge. We have vehicles with facilities that will accommodate all ability levels as well as approved to meet to DVSA standards. Once you have completed this course successful, newly qualified C+E drivers can estimate to take home a starting wage of £42,000 per year. There is a growing demand for these types of driver due to the development of online purchasing and deliveries and not only this, but you have a flexible work pattern to suit your lifestyle.  These drivers will get opportunities to travel abroad across the country, across Europe or even further with your interest.

UDLC will prepare the paper works and we will organize driving lessons and driving test to follow on immediately after the completion of the paper works.

Training will be delivered successfully using our highly maintained vehicles with facilities approved to meet DVSA Test Vehicle requirements.

After passing your Category C+E- Class 1 practical test, your examiner will send your licence to the DVLA which will be updated to a full entitlement.