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We believe that each individual is different and will have different preferences to the type of driving they want. If you consider that the automatic option is best for you, we are beyond happy to act as a backbone to the start of your journey and ensure that you obtain a valued qualification.

As you may think, automatic is easier to drive compared to manual however it may strictly limit your choice when purchasing or planning to hire vehicles in the future. Individuals will be reminded that they will not be permitted to drive manual vehicles after obtaining an automatic licence. Our experienced instructors will provide lessons that suit each individual in terms of time and location whether it’s early in the morning or late in the evening. No matter what type of training you wish to undertake, our instructors will be committed to support you and deliver high standards of teaching.

Special Offers:

– Individual Lesson per person- £25

– First 5 lessons- £112.

– First 10 lessons- £220

For further enquires, contact our advisers who are happy to assist.