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We have taught the art of driving to thousands of People in the UK so far through our skilled & professional instructors!

United Driver Learning Centre has been established for more than 8 years and is currently based in London, United Kingdom. As a successful driving institution, UDLC has taught thousands of learners with a kind support of fully ADI qualified and experienced instructors and consultants who make sure that the experience is both professional and stress-free learning. We offer training across a whole range of DVLA licence categories including Car, PCV (Bus), HGV (Truck), Forklift Training and all aspects of Driver CPC. We are keen to build on our reputation as the leading learner and driver training organization and to remain at the forefront of road safety awareness. All courses are systemically delivered to our learners to ensure effective learning and successful completion of each course. From first application, medical, provisional, theory material & tests, through all the stages of gaining your licence and your qualification, we will take care and arrange it all without any hassle.



“Our Mission is to provide the upmost quality of comprehensive driving learning experience tailored to our learner’s individual needs. We aim to provide our learners with updated knowledge and skills in order for them to develop into safe, responsible and confident drivers and effectively meet the demands of the driving environment. We emphasise the importance of customer service and ensure all our customers receive value for money.”

Available Driving


  • Senior Driver Programs

    A senior driving program can help you to grasp the new opportunity toward learning. It also assess and identify how and why your driving is changing and what can be done to help you to continue to drive safely for as long as possible.

  • Disabled Driver Program

    If you have a medical condition or disability which may affect you’re driving and make you feel that you can’t be good driver, than you should take a step towards us and we will help you grow with a new learning opportunity.

  • Fleet Driver Program

    We offer fleet advanced driving courses (sometimes known as defensive driving courses) to a range of corporate customers in the UK, including well know high street names, and government departments.

  • Senior Driver Programs

    These type of courses are defensive driving courses; designed to meet the information needs and interests of senior drivers over 55 years of age. We best understand the driving need of every individual.

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